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Athletes and CBD Oil

Athletes and CBD Oil works good together when used properly. And now Hempworx CBD Oil is not only helpful to regular people, but it can also help support our active fellows that do a lot of physical stuffs!

An Athletes body is subjected to strain, muscular wear and tear, fatigue and of course injury. When muscles on our body is overly used and causes swelling, it decreases the physical performance which affects an athlete's game. And to help their bodies recover and cope up with pain, CBD Oil could help them out because of its medicinal properties.

CBD Fights Swelling. Swelling is one of the biggest hurdles athletes face every day. ... CBD oil has powerful anti-swelling properties that help fight swelling naturally. Using CBD oil topically is all you need to fight swelling when away from home or the gym.

Athletes using CBD Oil

Since it is already legal in the U.S, Athletes and CBD Oil have found their place into the world of better health and overall athletic performance.

Adding CBD Oil to their regiment or diet helps them increases their performance and have better health condition that can even alleviate serious symptoms for athletes such as heart problems, low blood sugar levels, and many more. It's also been widely used to reduce nervousness and for discomfort relief in many users.

We have various kinds of athletes that uses CBD Oil for their improved performance and health. We have athletes from National Football League (NFL) and even Ultimate Figthting Championship (UFC) Fighters. Here are some athletes who uses such product.


CBD Oil and athletes
Athletes and CBD Oil

A professional linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Morgan recently shared the news that he uses CBD on a regular basis as part of his training regimen.

He has used his public platform to tout the benefits of CBD, and has spoken with other NFL players about how the cannabinoid may be able to help them.

With continued use and ongoing research on CBD, Morgan chose to make his use of CBD public and has been advocating its use, particularly among the athletic community.

Football is widely known for its prevalence of concussions among players, which plays a key role in brain injury and trauma. After discovering the benefits of CBD on brain health and its ability to treat brain trauma, Morgan began to look further into CBD's role in protecting the brain against injury.

But Derrick Morgan is not the only NFLer to join the CBD oil for athletes campaign.


Athletes and CBD Oil
Athletes who take  CBD Oil

Nate Diaz is another UFC fighter who has stood behind CBD oil and its ability to heal after fights and training. He famously vaped CBD oil during a news conference last year after his defeat from Connor McGregor when the compound was still on the prohibited list by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

CBD without THC is no longer on the prohibited list!

Athletes can take CBD and not worry about testing positive for banned substances as long as they take the THC Free version or visit our Hempworx Products page for other available CBD products.

When asked what he was vaping, he told the media that he was taking CBD oil to help with the healing process and swelling. He admitted to using CBD right before and after training sessions and fights.

Diaz has been a professional UFC fighter since 2007.

The research behind CBD continues to show benefits for those who are physically active, especially in terms of its ability to reduce discomfort and swelling and even treat brain trauma that is common in contact sports like football and boxing. These athletes are blazing a trail for all other athletes who would stand to benefit from the use of CBD and are a voice of support for the inclusion of CBD and cannabis as part of legal substances in the world of sport.

Can Athletes Take CBD?

CBD can never cause a high, that's why Athletes and CBD Oil work better together. Some major sports allow Athletes to use CBD because it is ideal for discomfort relief and it is organic that can also helps deal with performance nervousness.

CBD helps athletes get into better shape and focused for maximum performance whatever sport they play. It is just a matter of correct dosage and medication. Before taking CBD on your own make sure to consult a professional to make sure you are using cbd correctly.

Athletes Using CBD can pass a drug test?

Athletes are having their best performance with the help of CBD and of course it is best to take CBD Oil at its purest and most potent formulation.

If you are worried about undergoing drug tests when using cbd, you are in for a treat! Hempworx CBD Oil is now offering a THC FREE product.

You heard it right! THC FREE, meaning they won't have to worry about the effects of THC which is bad for the body because it is no trace of it on our ZERO THC CBD Oil product! Find our more about Hempworx THC FREE CBD Oil

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