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Hempworx Samples

Hempworx Samples are now available! You can order at our website and they are Free plus shipping cost that's it!

Now you can "Try Before you Buy"!! Test the products at a fraction of the cost, beforehand. Keep in mind....it often takes time for CBD Oil to correct your system. A sample may not provide the proper amount of CBD Oil for need. We do offer a Money Back Guarantee on ALL our full size products.

All sample packs contain 2 bottles of CBD Oil. Each are peppermint flavor and THC FREE!

Regular Retail Value $40 + Shipping Fees.  Hempworx is now offering you Samples for FREE!  That's right, we are giving away our samples but you just have to cover for the shipping.

For only $11.95 you can get the chance to experience our amazing products!

What's the HempWorx Samples Package?

CBD Hemp Oil:

2 Hempworx Herbal Drops Vials - 7 Day Supply (Regular $16.00)

* Both Vials are THC Free Oil & Peppermint Flavor

CREAMS & SKINCARE: (1ml sachet of each cream)
  • Hempworx RELIEF Icy Pain Rub
  • Hempworx RENEW Anti-aging CBD Cream with Apple Stem cells
  • Hempworx REVIVE ​Anti-aging CBD Cream with Collagen Retinol

    * Each Sachet allows 2-3 Day Usage

Our Hempworx Samples have 2 DRAMS of CBD Oil in them.

Each Single CBD Oil bottle is ONE dram which = 74 drops.
There are TWO dram bottles in the Sample Pack.
TOTAL = a TWO week supply if taking 10 drops per day

Hempworx Samples Website

HempWorx have been working out to grow their business and remain at one of the top brands of CBD. And now we are offering bigger and better opportunities for both our members and customers.

If you have some hesitations when buying our CBD Products. You can just try our samples and see how it works for you. Trust me, you'll love it!

Visit our Company Samples page if you want to know more. Click here to get started on your order.

This Product is Worth $40 in Value!

Hempworx Samples

HempWorx Samples Cost:

1 Sample - $9.95
10 Pack - $99.00
25 Pack - $239.00
50 Pack - $449.00

*Just pay cost of Shipping!

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